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Health communications

Expertise dedicated to health and e-health players

Scientific expertise at the service of your brand

Human and animal health consultants

Our human and animal health consultants support our creative team in all the design and production phases of your campaigns. They actively participate in the drafting of your documents

What we can do for you

Brand storytelling

We use our talents as a storyteller to enhance your medical research programs and stage your patients in a testimonial logic, thus giving meaning to your approach.


We design and write with you or with the support of our medical experts your ADV, patient or environment brochures, in a logic of efficiency according to ANSM rules.

Digital media

e-ADV, mobile applications, websites, programmatic campaign… We design and produce all the digital media needed for your campaigns.

Audiovisual production

Our audiovisual production company produces your corporate or product films to feed your brand content strategy.

VR and AR app

Our technical skills allow us to create original virtual or augmented reality applications for you that will engage your audiences in memorable interactive experiences.

Social Marketing

Our social media manager and our two bilingual CMs can take care of the management of your e-reputation or the community management of your social accounts.



The agency publishes daily information on e-health news on our media You will find the latest e-health innovations: artificial intelligence (AI), virtual (VR) or augmented (AR) reality, nanotechnology, biotechnology, connected objects (IOT), …

This media also allows us to relay your campaigns free of charge to a B-to-B target (3500 VU / month), thus advantageously and in a targeted way completing your press relations strategy.

The website

We showcase your products or innovative solutions in an immersive experience


Since 2014, the agency has been developing virtual reality ( Game of Thrones , Rhum Negrita ) and augmented reality ( Esprits du vin , Guerlain) applications for major brands. To better serve our healthcare customers, we have brought together the best talent in 3D imaging and animation for immersive virtual experiences .

  • Product demonstration
  • Advergames
  • Serious Games (training modules)
  • Consumer experiences

We organize your medical congresses and your e-health events



Our experienced team is able to support you in the organization of your health event (congress, conference, symposium, product launch, etc.) in all its dimensions, whether scientific, logistical or promotional.
Our added value lies in the integrated nature of our offer. Your single point of contact: our project manager who will manage our teams of experts for you. But above all, our innovative and transmedia approach will make your event a
unique and unforgettable experience.



  • Data base
  • Logistics and administrative platform
  • Coordination of service providers
  • Attendee and registration management
  • Booking and catering solutions

Medical-scientific support


  • Management of the scientific committee and development of programs
  • Recruitment and briefing of speakers
  • Scientific and technical support for presentations
  • Preparation and management of shared content (event site, application, abstract books, etc.)



  • Branding and graphic charter
  • Mobile app
  • Website
  • Emailing and CRM
  • Virtual and augmented realities
  • Audiovisual production
  • Social networks
  • Edition of brochures, objects…

We innovate by creating our own health start-up

The health coaching application dedicated to patients suffering from osteoarthritis or wearing prostheses


No support solution existed to allow patients suffering from osteoarthritis or wearing prostheses to reduce their pain or recover their motor skills more easily post-operatively. So we decided to create it, in close collaboration with an orthopedic surgeon, a sports doctor, a physiotherapist and a dietician. The Bodycontrol Program mobile application is currently under development with the support of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region and the Association Française de Lutte Antirheumatismale.

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Bodycontrol Program app


Mobile application for veterinary assistants

WAZZA Health App

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