The context

In 2016, the Glen Moray brand decided to provide its business partners and distributors around the world with support enabling them to lead master classes. This device is intended to be educational and should make it possible to promote the entire range of this famous Scotch whisky.

Our approach

The device was designed to allow an exchange between the facilitator and the students of the masterclass. The host thus has, through a website, beautiful videos that will transport the public to the very heart of the distillery and the Speyside region. A motion design video explains in detail the whiskey making process while, in another video, Graham Coull (Master Distiller) and Iain Allan (customer center manager) teach us how to taste their favorite beverage. The site also offers practical tools for tasting (tasting sheet and flavor wheel). Finally, each whiskey in the range is commented on by the master distiller in person in short videos.

An experiential brand content program

Dedicated website and social media campaign

A website dedicated to masterclasses

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The website

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