The context


If tasting a wine is to enter into a culture of territory and terroir, it is also to treat yourself to a unique moment and venture into a mysterious universe where the emotional takes precedence over the rational. To share its history with wine lovers, the Graves appellation entrusts us with the redesign of the appellation’s brand strategy in 2020, inviting consumers and professionals to (re)discover the legend of Bordeaux wines.

Brand storytelling


“The legend begins here. » : starting point of the discourse of the appellation, this signature aims to reclaim the original dimension of the Graves vineyard. The visual approach places the winegrower, the main actor in the history of Graves wines and keystone in the transmission of values and know-how, at the center of the discourse in an almost mysterious atmosphere, thus presenting him as the holder of a secret that only he can reveal to whoever observes the scene.

Three key visuals to support the brand message

These visuals are used on the brand’s various print and digital media.

days of meetings with the winegrowers of the Graves
Hours of videoconferencing in full confinement
FFP2 masks used
raptor attacks on our drone