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webmarketing & e-CRM

Develop customer knowledge to generate prospect contacts and boost your sales

Our e-CRM experts are at your disposal to audit your customer information system and improve your purchase funnel

data management

We analyze your prospect/customer data collection system in order to optimize its use.

Customer journey

We study your customer/prospect journey and your purchase tunnels in order to improve the conversion rate and the average basket.

Automated Marketing

We improve your productivity by automating messages in order to contact your customers at the right time and with the right offer.

You want to increase your qualified contacts and your sales, while freeing up time to focus on the most strategic activities.

Only 3% of your prospects are close to the purchase decision. The remaining 97% need time to assess their problem, find solutions. This requires personalized support over time, so that your future customers get to know you, trust you and choose your products/services.

Yet most companies treat the 97% as if they were already part of the 3%, which is counterproductive and can even harm the brand. Good news: by designing your customer journey carefully, you can not only create a quality bond with your prospects, but above all multiply your leads and your sales in a fluid way by automatically detecting who becomes a pro. The icing on the cake: many of the steps can be automated .

Benefits :

  • You gradually bring your prospects closer to the purchase decision, by automatically detecting who passes within 3%
  • You present the right offer to the right person at the right time, without rushing the sale
  • You have more time to spend on what really matters (eg talking to your customers)
  • You have a better command of the different workings of your course, so the ability to finely improve what can be
  • You have a clearer and more manageable ROI on your various marketing actions (content strategy, advertising, etc.)

+451% qualified leads
This is the observation made by companies that use the automation of their marketing campaigns to nurture their prospects.

(Source: The Annuitas Group)

You want to launch a new offer or promote an existing offer.

The rule is simple: never launch an offer without knowing in advance if it will sell. And yet, many companies still spend time, energy and budget developing offers without certainty that they will meet the market. Our approach consists of developing your customer journey with “segmentation campaigns”, which allow you to:

  • Validate the market to know exactly what product to create and how to sell it … before investing a penny
  • Know your customer profiles with great precision (problems, aspirations, elements of language, etc.)
  • Segment your audience very early in your customer journey to offer the most suitable offers
  • Promote an offer in multiple ways by dynamically adapting your messages to prospect profiles
  • Provide a “ tailor-made ” experience to your prospects

78% of innovation directors believe that the advent of bots is inevitable and more than a third of companies (31%) have already deployed a chatbot.

Source: Chatbot Observatory

You want to set up a conversational agent (chatbot) to respond to the many requests from your prospects/customers

Welcome to the age of conversation, where brands have realized they need to be available and relevant at every stage of the customer journey. Responding to this need for proximity and interactivity everywhere, all the time, is a possible approach thanks to technological progress and in particular the development of bots.

The chatbot has the major advantage of instantly providing an answer to the most frequently asked questions . Counselors by telephone or LiveChat can thus take control of more complex requests with higher added value.

The arrival of voice assistants through our smartphones, speakers and other connected objects also opens up new perspectives for interactions with brands via voice .

Our experts guide you through the process of creating your conversational agent and work with you upstream on the expert system that activates it.

Your experts

Arnaud Hacquin


Arnaud holds a master's degree in direct marketing and e-commerce (IAE Lille). For 6 years, he participated, as operational marketing manager, in the implementation of Datamining and CRM processes within the Banque Populaire Group.

Rodolphe Devaureix

e-CRM and Marketing Automation Expert

A computer engineer by training, Rodolphe has contributed to the successful implementation of numerous customer relationship management processes within a large number of companies of all sizes.