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a new lever to reach your consumers

From the consumer sector to the big luxury brands, examples of advergaming are multiplying.

What interest do brands have in appropriating the codes of a universe that is unfamiliar to them? How does our brain react while playing? How do these neural phenomena serve the cause of brands? How to integrate your brand into the world of video games, without betraying its DNA ? How to design an experience with high added value for these young consumers?…

So many questions that our team of experts wanted to answer through this white paper, which can be downloaded now from this page.

Contents of the white paper

  • Chapter 1: why are brands interested in video games?
  • Chapter 2: associating your brand with the world of a video game
  • Chapter 3: Creating Your Own Branded Video Game
  • Chapter 4: appropriating the codes of gaming for the benefit of your brand
  • Chapter 5: virtual reality: an opportunity for brands to seize

Who is this white paper for?

  • Marketing or communication managers looking for an original way to be present in the world of millennials
  • To video game studios wishing to contribute their talents to advertisers
  • Brand managers who want to engage their fans
  • For all those who wish to know the latest trends in digital branding

Download the white paper