The context


The AOC Corbières is faced with a strong challenge of promoting and winning back consumers, through more dynamic communication and adequate targeting of its consumers. In 2021, the AOC selected the Jardin des Marques to support it in this strategic shift. After a complete overhaul of the brand platform (brand values, graphic identity and signature), the agency endeavored to design a storytelling intended to enhance the close link which unites the winegrowers to this beautiful and wild nature which makes this region a unique terroir for wines with multiple expressions.

Brand storytelling


To produce these dense and intense wines which make the reputation of the AOC, the winegrowers of Corbières had to sign a Pact with Nature which only agrees to give the best of itself in exchange for deep respect. towards her. This pact is kept secret but the most curious of consumers will be able to find some traces of it here and there, in the fields. Indeed, rumor has it that some winegrowers do not hesitate to proudly display their commitments.

A new brand identity


Intended to accompany the move upmarket of Corbière wines, the new identity illustrates the close link that unites the winegrowers of Corbière to their land. In addition to the presence of the letter C which allows identification, the signs present in the logo recall the cartographic level curves (steep and wild nature) as well as the commitment of the winegrowers towards their nature (fingerprint in signature of the Pact)

A poster to materialize the Pact


At the end of collaborative work with the winegrowers and the AOC management committee, a poster expresses the reciprocal commitments between the winegrowers and nature. These compose the curves of the logo, thus illustrating the intrinsic dimension of the approach. Its purpose is to be displayed in the estates in order to claim the environmental and societal approach of the winegrowers’ union.

Three key visuals to support the brand message


These visuals, which illustrate the 3 colors of wine, are used on the brand’s various print and digital media.