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Digital Transformation & Innovation

We help you meet the challenges of tomorrow

Through our collaborative methods and our Startup spirit, we support you in your digital transformation and your innovation strategy

The example of Wazza

The 14th start-up created the Wazza app

Since 2016, our agency has been supporting this young start-up in the launch of their application, which it is testing with the Pau urban community. An innovation, which could significantly improve the working conditions of employees and reduce expenses related to sick leave.

“Le Jardin des marques has supported us in the design and development of our solution from the very beginning. They have been able to be agile and responsive, while integrating the constraints of a start-up like ours. Even if we have been planning for the beginning a transfer of skills, they are for the moment an integral part of our team in more ways than one: technical development, communication advice…”

Raphaël Bidegaray – Co-founder of the 14th start-up

8 ways to innovate with us


The conference

You want to trigger real awareness within your teams of the need for your company to innovate and make its digital transition

Arnaud Hacquin, CEO of the Jardin des marques and professor at Kedge Business School, introduces your team in a simple way and through numerous concrete examples, to the current paradigm shift and the challenges of innovation for today and tomorrow.

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The Hackathon

You want to boost innovation and the entrepreneurial culture in your company and bring out innovative and concrete projects.

We organize an event for you that stimulates creativity and the start-up spirit by offering your employees the opportunity to pitch innovative concepts in teams. At the end of the hackathon, a jury will vote for the most innovative idea.

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The Cross School Lab

You want to incubate innovative projects, strengthen your links with schools and identify young talent.

We organize with large schools an event with a creative and start-up spirit by offering students the opportunity to pitch innovative concepts together. At the end of the event, a jury votes for the most innovative idea.

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The Speed Startups Meeting

You want to innovate and easily meet key startups in your industry.

We select the most relevant startups and organize a Speed Meeting for you. During lightning rounds, the startup pitches one-on-one with a member of your team about its product or service. At the sound of the gong, your team members change tables to discover another innovation. At the end of the day, your team debriefs the meetings, votes for the best innovation and models a principle of collaboration.

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The Virtual Reality Workshop

You want to use virtual reality or augmented reality to boost your business methods or train your teams

We organize within your company a virtual and augmented reality discovery session, followed by a creativity session with your teams in order to draw the outlines of your project. We then create an application prototype with our teams of developers.

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Communicate in Startup mode

You innovate and want to make it known in an appropriate way, but you do not master all the codes of new media.

Our team invests with you in the social platforms adapted to your sector of activity and designs the relevant messages on a daily basis with your marketing/communication department. Our Community Managers maintain the link with your community and develop it.

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Connected objects (IoT)

You wish to develop your service offer thanks to connected objects.

Thanks to our methods inspired by Design Thinking, we set up co-design workshops with your teams in order to bring out the best ideas for innovative services and the business models that accompany them. With the user experience in focus, we design with you the first POC (Proof Of Concept) to validate the idea in principle and its profitability. Later will come the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which will allow the solution to be tested in real conditions with its users.

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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

You want to test a new way of communicating with your social users.

We help you to set up your first chatbot (personal assistant) on social networks and follow with you the evolution of this service with your customers.

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